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Our References

Our References

We love to help you develop and design the perfect application you have in mind.

Because our combination of high IT expertise and advanced aeronautical knowledge is unique, we have the opportunity to work with leader companies in the aeronautical field. We also have experience in the development of applications for other types of industries. Have a look below where you will find references and projects we have worked on and different applications we have developed. We like to sit down with you and discuss what kind of application would benefit your company the most and the best way to implement it. Do you have an amazing idea for an application, but you don’t know where to start? Contact us now for more information.
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Xample Sarl developed a customized version of our Air Navigation Pro application specifically for the SNCF. READ MORE >>

Airbus Helicopters

HELITAB – Navigation and mission planning application for helicopters. READ MORE >>


We developed a common platform for drones and aircraft pilots to have real time notifications and avoid collisions. READ MORE >>

Air Greenland

We developed a customized version of our Air Navigation Application specifically for Air Greenland. READ MORE >>

Air Navigation

Air Navigation Pro is a high quality GPS navigation application for VFR pilots of different kind of aircrafts like airplanes and helicopters, but also very useful for hot air ballooners and paragliders. READ MORE >>


HorseTrails is the perfect application for horseback riders. It is designed to provide the mounted rider with comprehensive information about the available trails, emergency information, horse care, and more. READ MORE >>

Academy of Aerobatics

Our Video Application provides organizations with the ability to maintain an online library of videos. Academy of Aerobatics is specifically targeted at training organisations who want to reach a wide audience via mobile devices. READ MORE >>

Swiss Aero Pro

Swiss Aero Pro is specifically targeted at Training Organizations who want to reach a wide audience via mobile devices. Videos are provided to app users via In-App purchases. READ MORE >>

Cash Sentinel – A great App to buy or sell your Car

CashSentinel provides a simple, safe and mobile system to buy or sell vehicles. It provides an alternative for buyers and sellers to carrying unsafe amount of cash. READ MORE >>