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Air Navigation FEATURES

Some of these features are not available yet for Android versions, please look at the table on Platform & Feature Comparison
for more information about the availability.


Flight Planning

Plan and edit your multi leg navigation flightplan directly from the moving map or by quick search in the waypoints database. The planned route is displayed on the moving map as great circle vectors. It will calculate next point distance, track and heading. ETE and ETA is calculated from your current speed while in-flight, or from intended cruise speed and wind information.

Moving map

Moving map displays - on top of aeronautical charts background - interactive waypoints, airspaces and planned route. It is also possible to display obstacles and 2D Terrain Awareness if proper digital elevation model data is installed. Free and commercial charts are downloadable from the application. The software supports standard iOS gestures for zoom in/out, pan and centre. It also supports north orientation and track orientation. The planned route is displayed as magenta vectors and can be modified interactively from the map.


3D Synthetic Vision

3D Synthetic vision with accurate terrain model and aerial photos. 3D Data provides terrain awareness on the 3D Synthetic vision and on the 2D moving map. It supports external AHRS (altitude) modules such as the Levil or the Flytec boxes. It also provides altitude information if the device is equipped with gyroscopes (proper mounting is required).


Air Navigation simulates real aircraft instruments, gathering information from GPS and other sensors. You will not only get a moving map, but also instruments such as HSI, VOR, ADF, ground speedometer, altimeter and compass. The navigation instruments work not only with navigation aids, but also with airports, check points, IFR points etc.


Live Tracking Service

The aircrafts current location is sent over the network to your personal account. Flight pages can be kept private or shared with selected people (password protected). Friends, family or instructors can follow your flight path. Older flights are stored and can be displayed for review and/or exported to KML or GPX files.


Free Charts

Free charts for the entire world are downloadable from the application. They are based on the well known OpenStreetMap project. Aeronautical information from our databases such as routes, airspaces and waypoints are overlaid on the display. Chart data will be stored on your device so you don’t need an internet connection, unlike many other map applications.


Flight Recorder

(iOS only) Once switched on and a block-off time set (either manually or automatically), the flight recorder will start recording your GPS position and altitude. It will stop when block-on time is set. Back at home, you can replay the flight, see it's path on the moving map or export the recorded flight as a KML file that can be viewed in Google Earth.


Commercial Charts

Free charts are useful, but nothing can replace an official/commercial aeronautical chart. Our store has an extended selection of ICAO aviation charts for European countries, FAA charts for the US, Flyermaps charts for South America and Airways NZ aviation charts for New Zealand. We also provide Visual Approach charts as geo referenced documents and PDFs for many countries in Europe, South America, USA and New Zealand.



The built-in database contains more than 180,000 worldwide aviation waypoints including airports, heliports, navigational aids, check points and IFR points. A simple touch on the moving map screen gives you information such as runway length and orientation, frequencies, elevation and much more. Airspace vectors are also displayed on the moving map screen and can be touched to get information such as Airspace class, name, lower limit, upper limit, etc.



Air Navigation can be customized with your preferred instruments. You can import/export your routes, waypoints or airspaces (OpenAir or Tim Newport Peace formats), from your computer. You can import routes from other GPS software in GPX format.


Automatic Logbook

(iOS only) Fully automatic and editable, the logbook uses GPS information to detect block and flight time, as well as departure and arrival airports. The Logbook stores time as UTC and all values are fully editable. Logbook entries can be sent by email or exported to a desktop computer.


Flight Simulator Bridge

Air Navigation can be connected to X-Plane, FSX or Prepar3D by installing a plugin on them. This is a great feature for training at home when bad weather hinders you from real flying! Also, simulator enthusiasts can add a full moving map system to their Sim setup. Currently we have an X-Plane 9/10 plugin for Windows and Mac OS X and FSX and Prepar3D V4 plugin for Windows only.


Traffic Awareness

Watch surrounding traffic to avoid risk of collision, fly simultaneously with fellow pilots or follow another aircraft that you tagged. This feature requires an ADS-B receiver (Flarm or iLevil 2 devices).


I/O Sources Status

A complete overview of the status of various sources in one bar on the top of your screen. You can see the status of the GPS signal, Attitude, Calibration, Barometer, Terrain Awareness, Traffic Information and Live Tracking. It will show a clear colored warning if something is wrong and the bar can be hidden if necessary.


Approach Charts in 3D view

For maximum visibility, the approach charts are now visible in 3D which contributes to the awareness of your surroundings. To activate this feature, purchased commercial 3D data is required.


Streets and Places Search

You can now search for and navigate to specific locations within Air Navigation. Fly straight to a certain city or building without looking up directions. (This feature requires a paid add-on).



In three available docks (Departure, Arrival and Alternate) you can display all the information you need before your departure. You will see information about weather stations, sunrise and sunse, radials of nearby navaids and various static information about the AD (altitude, location, runways, etc). This feature is only for devices with bigger screens, iPhone 6 and iPad.


iLevil & Flarm Support

Air Navigation now supports iLevil and Flarm devices. We continue working on improving this support.


iOS + Android

We support any iPhone or iPad devices running iOS 7.0 or higher and android based devices running android version 4.0 or higher. An internal GPS module is strongly recommended, integrated GPS usually provide accurate positioning and good estimation of altitude (within 200 ft). Air Navigation iOS will support external GPS modules that are compatible with iOS devices. It is therefore possible to use an iPad Wifi with external GPS modules.
*An external GPS device is mandatory for real time navigation on an iPad Wifi as iPad Wifi only (no cellular) have no internal GPS module.


And much more!

Air Navigation has many more features that you can discover by checking out the user manual available in our “support” section. We are always working on new features so you can expect an even better product in the near future!