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Air Navigation Business Services

Multiplatform specialists

Specialized in software development for the iOS, Mac OS X and Web 2.0 platforms, we also work occasionally on Windows, Linux, Java and various other platforms. This high level of expertise on multiple platforms allows us to deliver all different types of solutions for our clients.


An unique IT expertise along with a deep aeronautical knowledge

By creating our Air Navigation Application suite for private pilots, our team developed a high-level expertise in the aeronautical field. By constantly improving Air Navigation features we get the opportunity to grow our knowledge in the aeronautical field, which allows us to create unique products for aircraft operators. Moreover our team consists of skilled professionals who are spending their free time flying. Not only can we provide high level IT experts, but on top of that we have advanced knowledge of the aviation business and its related technical needs.


If your company is looking for a specific module to integrate together with Air Navigation Pro, our team of experts will help you to find the best solution to answer your needs. Please check our references as we are working with some major aeronautical companies around the world. From Air Navigation customization to tailor-made solutions built from scratch, our team will help you in each and every step of the process:


-Define the Project Scope

-Define Requirements and Specifications

-Solution Development

-Testing & QA

-Maintenance and Support


Please contact us to see how we can help you to solve your daily business issues by creating the right tool for you.

Our Services

Air Navigation integration with 3rd-party system

Your company is already using Air Navigation Pro and is looking for a solution to collect data and re-use them for other purposes? Our team can develop different types of systems such as API to communicate with Air Navigation Pro and integrate it into your existing IT.


Over the years more and more companies have been using Air Navigation Pro in their daily business. It is a simple tool for pilots to plan their flights. Air Navigation Pro can also be fully customized for business purposes such as a real time invoicing system. Some of our business clients like airline operators or helicopter transportations companies are already using a customized version of Air Navigation Pro that is completely integrated with their own ERP System that allows pilots to invoice their clients directly using air navigation data.


For more information about Air Navigation Pro integration with 3rd-party system please contact us.


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Air Navigation Customizations

If Air Navigation Pro can easily be integrated to 3rd-party systems, it can also be customized for your own needs.


Please contact us to see how we can help you.


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EFB Development for Aircraft Manufacturer

Not only Air Navigation developed its own suite of products, but thanks to our portable code base we can also adapt Air Navigation technology to fit your needs. All our core components like synthetic vision, moving map, weight & balance, etc. can be deployed in various operating systems like iOS, Android , Windows or Mac OS X.


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Private waypoints and custom charts geo referencing

Should you need a private database with your own waypoints or should you wish to add a custom private chart into Air Navigation Pro, do not hesitate to contact us. At Air Navigation we developed advanced knowledge of geo referencing. We are working with charts suppliers from all over the world.


Thanks to our server and our web platform we can offer you different kind of services such as:

  • Dedicated area on our server with private access to our database platform where you can create and register your own private waypoints
  • Geo referencing services so you can fly with your own charts.


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Other Services

At Air Navigation we believe that nothing is impossible. This is why it is important for us to meet our clients and see how we can help them to make their business daily life easier.

You have an idea and would like to challenge us to solve it? Do not hesitate to contact us to set up a discussion. We would love to hear from you.


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