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Air Navigation Aeronautic Databases

Air Navigation Pro Standard worldwide Package

Air Navigation Pro incorporates a Global Aeronautical Database, with over 200,000 waypoints and 50,000 airspace data, which are intended for aviators all over the world from private to commercial and even military. Air Navigation Pro provides pilots with worldwide interactive and comprehensive NOTAMs from Skyguide directly on the moving map. Over 150,000 users trust Air Navigation Pro for their flight-planning and flight-assisting needs.

Air Navigation Pro Coverage

  • Enjoy worldwide GPS coverage and extensive selection of flight assistance tools including VFR and IFR waypoints and all kinds of airspaces.
  • Over 200,000 waypoints including: Aerodromes, Reporting Points, Helipads, Sea Plane Bases, Glider Ports, Balloon Ports, IFR Waypoints, DMEs, NDBs, VORs, VORTACs, TACANs, VOR/DMEs.
  • More than 50,000 airspaces containing classes A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Danger Areas, Restricted Areas, Forbidden Areas, Glider Areas, Glider Prohibited areas, CTR, TMZ, TSA, TRA, MATZ, Recreational Areas, Natural Reserves, FIR and FIS.

Air Navigation Pro Database

We constantly review and improve our database! Our team of analysts publishes updates for each AIRAC cycle, every 28 days. ( In order to provide you with the most reliable information possible, we compose our database from many data sources, including the Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP) published by the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), as well as data from our local partners all around the world. Those updates make our database a unique tool to help you manage your in-flight safety at all times. Our Managers are all experienced pilots and work closely with our engineers. They build the best possible database in term of data access, monitoring, control, and Quality Assurance over the entire dataset. We manage a large part of our database through automatic processes and continuously analyse thousands of data changes, updates, creations, and removals for all countries in our coverage.
* Aeronautical Database contains data from BASULM

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Legacy users, if you do not wish to subscribe, we still provide you with a full database access, but with a unique free annual update in November of each year, instead of a monthly update. You have now the possibility to choose a subscription plan for the database and benefit from the most up-to-date and accurate aeronautical data on a monthly basis, so you can fly with maximum safety.

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