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About us

Xample is a Swiss based IT company specialized in app development on multiple platforms such as iOS, Windows, Android, Mac OSX. Our main application is Air Navigation, a dedicated App for pilots, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Android devices and Mac OSX. Air Navigation allows real-time aircraft moving map navigation and supports free maps from almost the entire world as well as official aviation charts for many countries.


Our company values



Innovation is part of our company spirit. Air Navigation Team truly believes that innovation and creativity can improve the world we live in.



We love what we do. Passion drives us not only in our professional life but also in our private life. We don't want to be an IT Agency among others, we specialized in the aeronautical field because that's our hobby. Our motivation goes beyond business purposes.



We are passionate about building strong, long-lasting client relationships. We build products, we deliver services and solutions to help our clients to succeed whatever their size is, from the largest corporation to the smallest organization.



We mean what we say, we match our behaviors to our words and we take responsibility for our actions.

Meet our TEAM

At Xample we are passionate about what we do. Each and every one of our employees represents the spirit of our company: enterprising, driven and committed. Our team exists out of people with diverse experiences and skills to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team.

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